Consumer Physics

We are the company that developed SCiO, the world’s first pocket-sized connected micro-spectrometer. Our mission is to empower everyone with material sensing capabilities, wherever, and whenever you need it. We believe that the days when only labs or skilled professionals used spectrometers are behind us. Now everyone can carry a material sensor and uncover a world the eye cannot see  – the possibilities are endless

How we've done it

Utilizing the latest optical, algorithmic, and computer technologies, we took the traditional NIR Spectrometer and miniaturized it into SCiO. Businesses and consumer brands around the world have already successfully integrated SCiO. Deployment has allowed them to improve the way they inspect materials, handle quality control,  monitor trends and performance and more through a powerful connected ecosystem

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The Team

Innovation requires thinking out of the box!  With a hand-picked group of highly trained and experienced scientists and engineers, we are able to  both disrupt the the spectroscopy industry, and, at the same time, be ultra-responsive to your needs.

Meet the leadership team who make SCiO work

Consumer Physics’ senior leadership team has decades of experience across diverse and challenging industries. We chart the course for the future and guide the company towards its strategic goals.

Assaf Carmi, CEO

Assaf Carmi


PhD in Theoretical Physics. Former VP of R&D. Significant military leadership experience.

Damian Goldring, Co-Founder, Product

Damian Goldring

Co-Founder, Product

PhD in Electronical Engineering. Former project manager at the Israeli Air Force and Tessera

Guy Spira, Commercial

Guy Spira


Stanford MBA. Over 20 years of executive experience in Israeli and US startups.

We have world class investors putting their trust in SCiO, including:

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Emil Capital Partners
khosla ventures