I would like to share with you some interesting news. Last week I participated in a fascinating and well organized event in Rotterdam – the 3rd EU Fresh Forum. Top professionals gathered to coordinate an industry vision and a plan of action in the face of new technologies transforming fresh produce. The waves of the
With this year’s record breaking sugar beet harvest reaching completion, the next few months are set to be a busy time for processing facilities. As with any campaign, factories will be stretched to capacity, operating around the clock, seven days a week, in order to process and refine the beet harvest into top quality sugar.
For food and beverage manufacturers, optimizing processes and cutting costs is becoming increasingly challenging. Ensuring best quality products requires constant monitoring of quality all the way from the farm to the table. Additionally, an increasingly vocal consumer base demands a larger diversity of quality products – all of which add considerable cost to production. The
I recently had the pleasure of attending the 5th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Serialisation 2016 conference at the Chelsea Bridge Hotel, London, UK. Joining a wide range of international pharmaceutical industry experts, we gathered to look at solutions for tackling the increasing problem of global counterfeit drugs. The conference kicked off with a reminder of
A new generation of spectrometers is heralding exciting advances in industrial process control. Applicable to a broad range of material analysis applications, these increasingly small devices enable the introduction of quality checkpoints deeper into the manufacturing environment. Benefitting from the convergence of computing and micro-optics, in-line material analytics is now a reality, providing instant validation
June 8th 2016 was World Anti Counterfeiting Day, and experts from across the world gathered to highlight the dangers of counterfeiting in many industries. From pharmaceuticals to handbags, cosmetics to mozzarella, global industry is affected by counterfeiting and piracy, and, as any brand affected by having counterfeit products circulated can testify, identifying and addressing the
The agriculture and livestock industries face enormous challenges to feed the 9.6 billion people forecast to inhabit the planet by 2050, and recent estimates by the FAO suggest that to meet demand food production needs to increase by 70%. This is despite limited arable land availability, unpredictable weather patterns, the increasing need for fresh water
Those of you following us for a while probably noticed a newly added “SCiO for Business” section on our website. And some of you have been asking us what a cool molecular sensor has to do with industry; with advanced manufacturing, food production, modern agriculture, manufacturing quality control and the pharmaceutical industry. So here’s the