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Animal Feed

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Analyze animal feed in real-time with SCiO
SCiO Animal Feed

Instant animal feed nutrient analysis

Instant, real-time macro-nutritional analysis on location

  • Ensure your livestock gets the best nutrition regime possible
  • Measure moisture, dry matter, protein, energy, fat and more
  • Adjust, mix, and add rations smartly
  • Optimize ration cost, supplementary feeding and performance
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SCiO Smart Farming

Precision agriculture in your pocket

Optimize agricultural operations by bringing spectroscopic analysis out of the lab and into the field

  • Observe, measure and respond to crop variability in the field, in-process operations and in storage
  • Assess BRIX in fruits and vegetables
  • Verify liquid and granular fertilizers and quickly assess crop attributes such as humidity and protein in grains
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SCiO precision farming solutions
Real-time material inspection with SCiO
SCiO Raw Material

Real-time raw material inspection

Transfer material analysis from the lab to the receiving dock and production line

  • Real-time verification of incoming raw materials
  • Instant results throughout entire production process, reduce down-time, recall and delay
  • Analysis results integrate with enterprise data systems to enable broad analytics and real-time monitoring
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SCiO food & beverage

Food & beverage quality control

Analyze, validate, track and monitor product from raw materials through to finished goods

  • Real time analysis of fat, protein, moisture, oil, sugar, starch, blend uniformity
  • Track and trace product across entire supply chain with increased frequency and testing points
  • Reduce recalls with advanced reporting, and implement data standards with data collection and integration
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SCiO food & beverage quality control
Real-time quality control with SCiO
SCiO Manufacturing

Real-time manufacturing quality control

Increase quality checkpoints deeper into the manufacturing environment

  • 100% of raw materials tested in real time, products accepted or rejected immediately if found inadequate
  • Testing and evaluation at multiple critical points at all stages of production
  • Results integrate with enterprise data systems to enable broad analytics and real-time monitoring

SCiO Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical authentication and anti-counterfeiting

Accurately test, identify and validate pills, raw materials and final product in the field

  • Counterfeit drug detection – detect counterfeits instantly in the field
  • Validate incoming raw materials
  • Authenticate products and identify and validate pills
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SCiO counterfeit pill detection
Produce quality validation with SCiO
SCiO Produce

Produce quality validation

Scan fruits and vegetables to assess their quality and sweetness using BRIX measurements

  • Test quality, sweetness and nutritional values of fruits and vegetables with no preparation
  • Comparative quality/taste/nutrient density
  • Ensure produce meets your brand standards

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