Our solution combines two integrated technological components, the revolutionary SCiO Sensor, and our powerful backend cloud. Together these disruptive technologies provide a comprehensive end to end solution that gives you everything your business needs for instant material analysis

SCiO Sensor Unit

The SCiO Sensor

We took the traditional Near Infrared Spectrometer and, using advances in micro-optical technology, miniaturized it. The patented optical head is just a few millimeters in size and provides sensitivity and accuracy levels on par with the best bench spectrometers. The low power consumption and zero warm up time make it highly responsive and extremely efficient, allowing it to perform hundreds of scans from a small rechargeable battery

Technical Specifications
Dimensions Handheld Device Cover: 67.7 x 40.2 x 18.8mm
Without cover: 54 x 36.4 x 15.4mm
Weight Handheld Device 35 gr
Standalone Sensor Module 27.5 x 9.5 x 3.15mm
Operational distance Contact to 2 cm (can be customized, contact us for more details)
Typical scan time 2-5 seconds
Connectivity Online and offline scanning supported
Temperature range - operation 4-35°C
Temperature range - storage -40-85°C
App compatibility iPhone 5 and above
iOS 9 or higher
Android 4.3 or higher
Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy device

Our Backend Cloud

Our backend cloud provides the analytical processing power and hosts the material databases

Material Databases

These databases can be collected by Consumer Physics, or by our customers. Some databases are publicly available, and some are proprietary and available only to a specific organization

Algorithms and Models

Our cloud hosts the chemometric models and algorithms that analyze spectra and convert them into useful material data. These are developed by our team of experts according to individual business requirements.

Our chemometric models run on a linearly scalable architecture, which allows us to provide fast response times to a practically infinite number of users and devices

SCiO Molecular Sensor Models

Our Advanced Model Development Tools

We build your spectroscopy solution for you, or we can give you an advanced suite of tools for you to collect your own data and build your own models.

The Lab for SCiO: Developer Toolkit is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to customize SCiO to meet your specific material analysis needs. It allows you to create customized molecular sensing models by collecting spectra of the relevant materials with SCiO and The Lab mobile app.

After collecting the required spectra, The Lab web app creates the models, analyzes the spectral data, and generates the algorithm. Models are then deployed in the cloud and used to analyze materials with SCiO devices.