A new and exciting platform for new applications.

SCiO is a fascinating new platform for developers. You can use it to develop your own applications and turn dreams into reality. Brewing your own beer? You can teach SCiO to monitor the various stages of the brewing process, like monitoring levels of alcohol, inspect your ingredients and more. Want to teach SCiO to classify plastics for recycling? You can introduce it to many types and then have the perfect recycling pal. Once completed, you can upload your app and make it available to other users.

Developers can also choose to make use of our existing databases of materials to develop applications. You can explore the materials that have been scanned by us and other users and develop your own application with tailored UI/UX.

Icons instead of screens


Developers Take Part in Building the SCiO Universe.

The SCiO Development Toolkit enables you to develop your own molecular sensing models and mobile applications for personal or commercial use. The DevKit includes a SCiO Sensor and accessories, the SCiO Lab development platform, the SCiO Mobile SDK and support from the Consumer Physics developer support team.


Mobile App Developers

As part of our DevKit, Consumer Physics provides a Mobile SDK that enables developers to embed SCiO capabilities in the native mobile application. The SDK allows mobile apps to communicate with the device and send queries to the SCiO Cloud for analysis and is available for Android and iOS. The potential application possibilities are nearly endless.

Food, alcohol, manufacturing and quality control, healthcare, pharma, oil and gas, plastic, agriculture, raw materials, cosmetics, packaging. Streamline your operations by enabling materials analysis at the production line, create fun games, and allow people everywhere to analyze materials with tools previously available only to scientists. Create your own mobile apps and enrich the world of SCiO applications for everyone!


Game example possible using the SCiO DevKit

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Creating Molecular Sensing Applications

Here is a short overview of the SCiO DevKit explaining how to create, collect and analyze your data, create molecular sensing models and test your models with actionable results.