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Pocket size, NIR spectrometer transforms feed analysis by enabling real-time, on-farm forage analysis – Chr. Hansen equips their nutritionists and distributors first, followed by all customers. Chr. Hansen joins forces with Consumer Physics to use and distribute SCiO™ – a revolutionary feed analysis solution based on the smallest available pocket size NIR spectrometer. The solution
Special introductory offer for orders placed by August 15 HOPKINS, Minn. – Cargill Animal Nutrition has selected Consumer Physics to collaborate and introduce Reveal® to U.S. dairy producers. Reveal is a real-time forage analysis service that puts the power of a Cargill forage lab analysis in the palm of a hand by utilizing SCiO – the
Changhong, Analog Devices, and Consumer Physics Collaborate to Revolutionize Mobile Phones; Eat Healthier, Live Better, and Explore More with SCiO Material Sensing Technology in your Phone CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW – Las Vegas – January 4, 2017 – Changhong H2, the world’s first material sensing smartphone, has today been unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.
Optics of Fingerprint Sensors, by a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign team, wins Student Video Contest WASHINGTON –With a miniaturized scanning sensor technology, Israel-based Consumer Physics earned this year’s top corporate honor in The Optical Society’s (OSA) Enabled by Optics Contest. This contest raises public awareness of the importance of optics and photonics technologies in
NORWOOD, Mass. & TEL AVIV, Israel — Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) and Consumer Physics, Inc. (CP) today announced a collaboration to develop a sensor-to-cloud personal and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform that analyzes liquids and solids, including food, plants, drugs, chemicals, the human body, and a variety of other materials. The two companies plan
GENEVA, Aug. 5, 2015  — World Economic Forum today announced its selection of the world’s 49 most promising Technology Pioneers 2015 Consumer Physics, one of two Israeli-based selections, has created the world’s first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand. US- and UK-based companies make up 80% of awardees The full list
Handheld Molecular Scanner Attracts More Than 10,000 Backers to Help Build the First Database of Physical Matter MENLO PARK, Calif. and TEL-AVIV, Israel, June 3, 2014  — Consumer Physics today announced that the Kickstarter campaign for SCiO, its handheld molecular scanner that will enable consumers to better understand the physical world, has raised more than
Pocket-Sized Scanner Reads Molecular Fingerprint of Food, Pharmaceuticals, and More MENLO PARK, Calif. and TEL-AVIV, Israel, April 29, 2014  — Consumer Physics today unveiled SCiO, a handheld sensor that scans the molecular fingerprint of physical matter and instantly provides useful information about its chemical makeup. SCiO delivers real-time results to its mobile application on the user’s


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