The agriculture industry counts on repeatable, accurate analyses to help it make smart decisions. Our solutions use proven measurement principles to provide the fastest and simplest consistently accurate and economical analysis.


SCiO Animal Feed

Animal Feed



Quick, on-field corn moisture analysis

Fast & accurate high moisture testing

  • Analyze corn kernel moisture directly on the cob. Get results in less than a minute via an app on your phone
  • Test ear corn moisture levels from 8% to 80% moisture in the field
  • Real-time map: See the variation of moisture in a specific field, plot or area, across time

SCiO Animal Feed

Instant animal feed nutrient analysis

Instant, real-time dry matter analysis on location

  • Plan optimal corn silage harvesting time
  • Ensure consistent dry matter in feed
  • Minimize leftovers, reduce costs

Analyze animal feed in real-time with SCiO

Real-Time, precision grain analysis

Optimize grain operations by bringing spectroscopic analysis out of the lab and into the field

  • Test Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and more for moisture
  • Test the sample of whole grains at the farm in less than 15 seconds
  • Test as much as you need. It’s accurate, rapid, non-destructive and simple to operate

Advanced model development tools

An advanced suite of tools for you to collect your own data and build your own models.

  • Easy to use tool that enables model developemnt to meet your specific material analysis needs
  • Once collected, the dev tools create the models, analyze the spectral data and generate the algortihm
  • Models can then be deployed in the cloud and used to analyze materials using the SCiO devices